Why I’m Here – Story From a Summer Intern

By July 12, 2016Stories from the Blog

Recently I had a conversation with my uncle, who has his own private flying license, about his experience learning to fly a plane. I asked him to explain what it felt like to fly and how it changed his life. My uncle’s face lit up with excitement as he started telling me about the first time that he flew solo. There were so many little details and feelings that he expressed to me because it was such an amazing memory in his life. “I could have taken that plane anywhere that I wanted,” he said “but I got it into the air and back on the ground safely just as I had been trained.” After hearing his story I was excited to talk to him about the internship with Flight1 that I would be starting soon. About what the organization does and who they are helping. We talked about this for almost an hour, how Flight1 is all about building the confidence of the kids in the Courageous Fliers program. His story made me feel so much more confident that I had made the right choice in helping Flight1 this summer.

Earlier this month I began my journey with Flight1. As the Communications Intern I am going to be doing a myriad of work for the organization. But the part that I am looking forward to the most is seeing the lives of kids being changed, seeing their faces light up as they get out of a plane or take off in a flight simulator. Courageous Fliers have one of the most unique opportunities, to learn to co-pilot a plane, to fly.

Only a month into working with Flight1 I have already witnessed the impact that it has on the kids, and it is only the beginning. I truly am blessed to have such an amazing experience in front of me, to watch kid’s faces light up with joy. That is why I am here, and even though my work might not directly affect the kids I know that I am making a difference. And the work that I am doing, while not making a direct impact, will still make the lives of the Courageous Fliers and their families better. Goes to show you that anyone, no matter how small the contribution, can make a difference and change a kid’s life.

-Henry Walter, Communications Intern