Upward & Onward: Confidence through Accomplishment

Flight1 began in 2011 as an Indianapolis based 501(c)(3) charity focused on helping children facing serious health challenges rebuild confidence through the joy of flight. However, before the charity program was officially launched in 2011, the work to make the program possible began in 2010. Part of this work included branding the charity in an engaging way. 

So, in 2010, the first Flight1 logo was made by Alan Peters. Peters is an independent design artist and illustrator with a BFA in Studio Art from Montana State University. Currently, he has his own independent studio called Jupiter Visual, which he started back in 2006. As a professional, he has been doing this type of work for years in Colorado and has worked with a variety of clients across the country. 

When Peters spoke about his design process for the first Flight1 logo, he said, “With the original brand it was very primary and more childlike. The idea was to have the logo be aimed more at younger children who might be part of the program.” 

As those ten years went by, Flight1 evolved and needed a fresh new look. A look that would not only speak to Courageous Fliers, but also to their families. When deciding who to design the organization’s new look, it was an easy decision to have Jupiter Visual’s Alan Peters work with the brand again now that he had relocated back to Indiana.

“As the organization matured, the identity needed to evolve as well. So, we matured the brand with more color variations, aviation aesthetic themes, and made the visuals speak to both the Courageous Fliers and their parents,” Peters said. 

In Flight1’s fresh new look, you can see how the old look is still there and simply taken to new heights. The new poster features a young boy, in a red shirt wearing a star covered mask, who is about to throw a paper airplane. Although you can’t necessarily see his smile, you can tell by the look in his eyes that he is happy looking upward and onward. This is poster is a direct reflection of Flight1’s mission to provide children facing serious health challenges with confidence through aviation accomplishment. This fresh new look can also be seen in the new Flight1 logo and the colors displayed on the website. 

Everyone at Flight1 is so proud of how far the organization has come since it began and how many children and families have been positively impacted. If a child in your life is facing serious health challenges and could benefit from this program, share with them what Flight1 can offer and visit our registration page.