Tommy is a kind, friendly, easy-going kid. He laughs and jokes, and you’d never guess that he has dealt with more in his life than many adults.  Tommy and his mom were making it on their own, after the sudden loss of his father.

One of Tommy’s anchors in life is participating in the Boy Scouts of America. He and his mom had a ready-made community and support network with the Scouts when Tommy’s dad died. Someone in their troop told them about a friend of theirs, a guy named Marcus Strawhorn, who had started a nonprofit for kids from families affected by health challenges. His mom signed him up, little knowing that in a few years, Tommy would have completed the entire Courageous Flier program, and that she herself would become a board member of Flight1.

Luckily for Tommy, our programming was provided free of charge. Many families, especially after their family has faced a health challenge, don’t have extra money for an activity like this. That is why we are counting on our community to help more kids like Tommy fly. Each year of their confidence building flights costs $1,000. Can you fund part or all of a life changing experience today?