So here is our Pilots logbook project in a nutshell.  We have sent a Flight1 flight logbook off into the world to see what there is to see.  It can be a scary world but we have entrust the logbook in the aviation community.  Just like Flight1 supports the children of Indianapolis, the piloting community will do the same to take care of our logbook while it is on its journey.

Through this project our Courageous Fliers will see the enormity of the aviation community around the world and all those who support their struggle.

So here are the instructions if you happen to run across our logbook.

  1. Record, in the logbook, the flight time you acquired while possessing this book.
  2. Go to and post your location and how you came across the logbook.
  3. Pass the logbook along to another pilot in a different city who you think will carry on “the mission”.

We will also track the stories of the logbook here on our blog.  Let’s see where it takes us.