The Value of a Corporate Sponsor

Financing a nonprofit is a bit of a balancing act. Focus on connecting with possible corporation sponsors. Engage with private individual donors. Apply to a grant. Schedule another meeting with a corporate sponsor. Plan a fundraising event. Repeat and tailor to each individual entity.


Corporate sponsors can require an extra level of follow-up if they prefer to decide individually if they want to sponsor each of the many opportunities we provide throughout the year. I’m always thrilled to see our supporters for a coffee or a chat, but in order to value their time as well as mine, we’ve been working to consolidate our sponsorship discussions somewhat.


That is why I am so grateful to our spotlight corporate sponsor this month, FSA Advisors, a financial planning firm based in Speedway. FSA Advisors has been one of our first corporate sponsor partners to commit to helping us provide programming for local kids by pledging a yearly sponsorship. They understand that a nonprofit can be much more efficient with budgeting and planning if we have an idea what our income for the year will be, not just until the next sponsor event.


We met with Mike Fetsch, a partner at FSA Advisors, and explained that a thousand dollars funds one of our families for an entire year. We talked about specific kids and families who have been impacted by our programming, and Mike and his team wanted to help. FSA Advisors supports wonderful local nonprofits School on Wheels and Sheltering Arms, because they see the value in investing in their local community. Their generous support of Flight1 will not only fund several families to become Courageous Fliers, but streamline our fundraising efforts this year and give us time to focus on making our program even better.

Thank you, FSA Advisors!

You can learn more about our relationship here: