The Original Courageous Fliers



Dear Friends,

tommyIn the month of October, we want you to get to know some of the amazing children in Flight1 the way that we know them. All of the kids in our program are inspiring and have incredible stories, but in the coming weeks, I want to tell you about three of them in particular.

graceGrace, Tommy, and Shawn were the first three participants to start in Flight1, and the first three to complete the entire Courageous Fliers program. They are also going to be our first three mentor Courageous Fliers, and be there to help kids who are new to the program that might need a little encouragement from someone who has been in their shoes.

shawnAs you get to know them, I’d like to ask you to think about your charitable giving plans for the end of the year. We take pride in offering the Courageous Flier program to families like these three at absolutely no cost to them, but we can only do that when friends like you take the time to donate. Each kid requires $1,000 of programming per year for three years, which means we needed to raise close to $9,000 to get three more children like Tommy, Grace, and Shawn through all of their experiences.

Each week from now until November, I will be introducing them individually. Please consider supporting a child like them, because every kid in the Courageous Flier program is hoping you will “Help Me Fly.”


Thank you,