Siblings Share in Confidence

SierraIt was a beautiful, sunny day as siblings Sierra and Braden made their way across the tarmac towards the Cessna 172 Skyhawk they would each be piloting. Sierra seemed relaxed and prepared while Braden was visibly excited to mark all the items off the flight checklist and get off the ground.

Serious health challenges affect whole families, and it was clear that parents Kevin and Becky were thrilled that Sierra was getting the opportunity to earn her wings that day alongside Braden, but independently as well. “It’s great that Flight1 includes the siblings and it’s the same experience for both kids” said Kevin.

Both Courageous Fliers piloted smooth flights that day. Kevin observed, “For Braden, it was all about having control over the situation. He was able to do it and it didn’t stop him because he was in a wheelchair.”

For Sierra, the experience afforded some pretty cool bragging rights, “I flew a plane before I got my driver’s license!” she said.