This month we have been telling you about our first three Courageous Flier mentors. Each of them had a serious health challenge affect their family. Each of these three happened to lose a parent. Not all of the children in Flight1 have lost a mother or father, but this can bring an added level of confidence loss for kids.

Shawn was a little older than the other two kids when he started with Flight1. He was referred to the program by another wonderful Indiana nonprofit called Brooke’s Place. This is a nonprofit that provides support for kids who have lost a family member, and they often refer kids to Flight1. Shawn had lost his mother to cancer, and Flight1 provided a valuable source of something exciting for Shawn to look forward to. Having a simulator session or an airplane flight gives kids like him a distraction from the sad parts of life, but also a sense of control and confidence that circumstance has hidden from him.

When you donate, your money goes towards outreach and partnerships with organizations like Brooke’s Place. It provides airplane fuel for Shawn’s flight. Your contribution buys the official logbook that all our Courageous Fliers sign. Support from you helps research the best possible curriculum to build confidence with flight. In short, when you click the “Donate” button above, you give Indiana kids a life-changing experience.