Scott Meyer is Vice President of Finance at ADESA, an automotive auction company.  ADESA auctions 3 million cars per year, at total gross dollars of $35B, and has 15,000 employees globally.  Scott is a CPA and has been at ADESA for 17 years.  He holds a BS in Accounting from Purdue University.  Scott has held a private pilot’s license for 4 years, and is in the process of building an experimental airplane.  He has also served as a volunteer and on the Board of the Institute for Affordable Transportation.  IAT builds the BUV (Basic Utility Vehicle).  During his involvement, Scott traveled to Honduras, Kenya and Tanzania in support of the organization.  Multiple trips to Tanzania involved setting up a small scale manufacturing plant in Arusha, Tanzania.  Scott also does work with other local charities, including food banks and homeless shelters.