Painted Planes Emblematic of Kids Character

Flight1 Art Exhibit

Angi Aldrich is a lot of things. She is the mother to Tommy, a participant in the Flight1 program.  She is also an artist and an active board member for Flight1.  Recently Angi has been working to gain her masters in art therapy at the University of Indianapolis.  For her thesis project she used Flight1 as her subject.

The way art can positively impact children is immeasurable. For Angi, she chose to use her art to visually portray the children’s characters helped by Flight1. Each child who participated answered some questions about how they see themselves, (e.g. Do you like to be goofy?  What is your favorite color? Are you laid back or do you like to go fast?)  From this Angi found paper airplane designs that represented the character of each child, (e.g. Planes that loop, does tricks, flies straight and fast, or glides).  She painted a portrait of each child while also painting a corresponding portrait of the plane design that represents each.

Angi’s thesis installation is on exhibit from November 9th through the 13th at the University of Indianapolis.  A reception will be held November 9th from 4:00pm – 8:00pm.