One Pint Builds Confidence

BlackSwanBlack Swan Brew Pub Owner and
Flight1 board member, D.J. McCallister. 

We may all be thinking the wrong thing. Yes, your confidence may improve after a pint of beer but what I am talking about is a fundraising event being held at Black Swan Brew Pub. One of our newer board members and the owner of the pub, D.J. McCallister, is serving a beer on tap called First Flight. Net sales from this beer are going towards Flight1. With the mission of building confidence in children affected by serious health challenges, each pint of beer directly impacts the program and building confidence in these kids. More than that, D.J. has a personal challenge match of $1000 for the event.
Enough of the talking. Below are the details. Please make a visit to Black Swan. Tell D.J. thank you for his support. Enjoy a First Flight beer and know that your action is serving a greater cause.




Black Swan Brewpub – 2067 E Hadley Rd, Plainfield, IN 46168

10/01/2014 through the last keg with a heightened awareness campaign for the first two weeks.

The Beer:
First Flight Brown Ale- made exclusively for Flight1 by Cutters Brewing Co in Avon, IN
This brown ale is rich, well balanced, and very easy to drink. Its dark brown color accentuates its beautiful toasty nose and milk chocolate like flavor. Medium-light in body it has the light fruitiness of an ale which compliments the 2-row barley and roasted malts that sit patiently on the pallet.

$3.50/pint with 100% of net sales going to Flight1.

Bonus/Board Member Gift:
For every First Flight sold in the first two weeks Black Swan Brewpub will provide a matching donation up to $1000