Midnight Comes Early in Flight1’s Cinderella Bid

By March 11, 2014Stories from the Blog

Flight1’s journey through Brackets for Good came to an abrupt end Friday night as Teenworks won the first-round tilt.

“We’re disappointed of course but congratulations to Teenworks. We wish them good luck in the rest of the tournament,” said Flight1 founder Marcus Strawhorn.

While the loss was a tough one, there was a silver lining. Flight1 raised over $1700 that will help accomplish our goal of growing the Courageous Fliers program to 60 participants in 2014.

Marcus added, “We’re grateful to everyone who contributed during Brackets for Good. It also gave us a great opportunity to raise awareness of Flight1. For example, we invited some friends from our neighborhood to Black Acre Brewing to see how the first round worked out. Not so well, but it was a fun evening.”


We weren’t quite ready for our carriage to turn back into a pumpkin, but that’s okay. We’re already looking forward to coming back strong next year!

– Russell Goutierez