Is it Time Yet, is it Time Yet, is it Time…?

This season is a wonderful time of year. Most everyone is in happy spirits and the magic of Christmas is visible in the eagerness of young children.

Most of the year my two young sons are composed but as December approaches they can barely contain themselves. And the last few hours before Christmas? They were awake at 5:00 AM shivering with the anticipation of Santa’s visit. Couldn’t they just sleep a few more hours?

Do you still remember that feeling of excitement? Well, I can. The development of Flight1 has been ongoing for the last year and I have been patient and excited with the progress that we have made. But now that we are down to the last of the details before our first flight I can barely contain my happiness.
Like a child at 5:00 AM on Christmas morning or like Santa at 10:30 PM on Christmas Eve I think to myself, “When is it going to be time? I can’t wait.”

Our first flight is planned to happen by the first part of February. If you have a child who would like to participate or if you can support the program please call 317-643-1020 or email

– Marcus