If You Read It On Facebook It Must Be True

January 5 2011 – That was the date I made a New Year’s resolution via Facebook. It was not an easy decision and I thought about it for some time. Did I really want to make the promise to the word that I may not be able to live up to? I decide, yes and I hit the post button. It read “Start a program that will coordinate efforts between local airports and local hospitals to give free airplane rides to children, or children with parents who suffer from critical or chronic illnesses.”

That was it. It was official. We all know that if you read it on Facebook that it must be true. So, I was done with the dreaming that I had become accustom to and it was time to do some work.

I spent a few months just thinking, a couple months researching and few more months typing out my ideas. I spent a couple more months talking with people who have experience with nonprofits, aviation, and youth programs. Now Flight1 is a functional organization with a clear mission, great directors, and passionate supporters.

We expect to receive our Federal 501(C)(3) non-profit status in the next few months. While I am not going to hit my new year’s resolution by December 31, I do think that Flight 1 is well on its way to be a great organization for the children of central Indiana.