Hope Neely Joins Flight1 as Program Director

By August 17, 2014Stories from the Blog

Hope Neely brings nearly 6 years of experience in financial services and over 3 years of volunteer experience with the National Kidney Foundation of Indiana (NKFI) to her new role as Flight1’s Program Director. But Hope’s strengths go far beyond the professional. She will be an outstanding role model for our Courageous Fliers because her life is an amazing example of how people can achieve their goals in spite of unexpected setbacks.

Despite needing a kidney transplant at age 18 – and again at 25 – Hope graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Purdue University. She then began working full-time in Indianapolis and made the city her home. Today, she partners with NKFI to teach Slow Flow Yoga w/Chair Option for kidney patients. Yoga and meditation also help Hope deal with the stresses of life and support a healthy lifestyle. Her personal interests include gardening, painting, biking and hiking with her boyfriend Alex and their dogs, Macy and Brembo.

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Hope aspires to be an example of how a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude can support quality of life every day. “I know firsthand how important it is to feel empowered to create the life you want despite the challenges at hand,” Hope says. Understanding her own difficulties and triumphs living with chronic disease, Hope looks forward to helping accomplish Flight1’s goal of building confidence in children who have been affected by illness.

Hope’s responsibilities include managing the scheduling of Flight1 events; coordinating with our partners and supporters; organizing and supporting the volunteer staff; and working closely with Courageous Fliers and their families.