Airpower Contributes to Saving, Helping Sandy Victims

Hurricane Sandy, election, Hurricane Sandy, and the election. Basically the only two topics covered in the news the past week (understandably, so).  When millions of people were left without power on the East Coast, people turned to generators. Do you have a power generator laying around for just such emergency? Yeah, I don’t either.

Thankfully, the Air Force has a few generators and some big airplanes.  The USAF sent 15 cargo aircraft with power equipment and even utility trucks from coast to coast to help bring power to those devastated by the storm. Additionally, Army National Guard units sent UH-60 Blackhawks and CH-57 Chinooks for search and rescue purposes.

The video shows the U.S. Coast Guard rescuing 14 survivors – thanks to the power of aviation. These planes and helicopters provided aerial views so that brave men and women were able to search for survivors hours after disaster struck, when truck and tank searches were out of the question.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo sent a “Thank You” tweet out on November 1 thanking the forces for their help.  Cuomo is hopeful that with all the help and support everything will be back to normal ASAP. We hope so too.

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– Ellen Horn

Photo: Governor Cuomo’s Office