Flight1 + The NeST-RC Airplane Club = Model Aeronautic and Flight Simulation Fun!

Tucked away behind Noblesville Fire Station 77, you will find an open runway where NeST-RC Airplane Club members meet on the weekends to fly their planes and socialize. The NeST-RC Airplane Club offers a space for all types and styles of model aviation to come together. This includes gasoline, electric, and nitro-powered model airplanes, as well as models that have been constructed from scratch or purchased already built.

Two weeks ago, Flight1 and its Courageous Fliers visited the RC Airplane Club in Noblesville, Indiana. At this event, the club members who were present provided our fliers with information about how the RC Airplanes function and how to control them while they are in the air. Demonstrating step by step how the different controls are matched to the controls of the aircraft they’ve been modeled after. One NeST-RC member explained how he had been engaging with model aircraft as a hobby since the 1970s and has continued to grow his collection of planes. Courageous Fliers also had flight simulators available for them to practice flying RC Airplanes with the same remote controls that are used to control actual RC Airplanes while they are in the air.

Throughout this event, I spoke with multiple Courageous Fliers and their parents about their experiences in the Flight1 program and at the event. This included Courageous Flier Elijah and his mother Raquel. Currently, Elijah has completed flight simulators and two flights while in the program. “My favorite thing so far was probably the night flight because we got to see the sunset and all the lights from above,” Elijah shared. When speaking about the NeST-RC event, his mother said, “Today was good, I was impressed with all the things they were telling us about the drones and the model airplanes. I think coming into the event we didn’t really know what to expect, but that was kind of cool just seeing all the stuff they made and how it can be applied to aviation.” Raquel went on to explain how flying in the air with Elijah reminded her of being on a motorcycle, just the freedom of moving through the air, and how happy she was that Elijah got to experience something so freeing.

Courageous Flier Tyler and his mother Felicia were also at the event and shared with me how much aviation has meant for Tyler. Felicia explained that her son hadn’t been in school for three years because he just couldn’t make it through the school day behaviorally, but since July 28th he has been spending full days in school and there have been no issues. “He has just been doing awesome and I think his involvement in aviation has contributed to these changes,” Felicia said. His mother shared that Tyler’s interest in aviation expands beyond Flight1. He even used his own money to buy a little Cessna model airplane and plays with it all the time.

I also got to speak to Liam and his father Dan who are currently working on building their own RC airplane at home. Together, they’ve been working on building the frame and the motor to make sure the model is ready for flight. “Our plane at home is like some of these planes actually, we’ve just got to finish it,” Liam shared. Both of them expressed how excited they were to eventually see the completion of their project.

During the event, the NeST-RC Airplane Club also had one of their members come and fly his RC Helicopter and do some tricks with it in the air. Many of the Courageous Fliers noted that this was one of their favorite parts of the event. Flight1 hopes to continue engaging with the NeST-RC Club and providing our Courageous Fliers with the best aviation opportunities possible.