Fifth Grader – No Problem.

23087964006_dfd8181905_zDecember 5th Flight1 will give a local burn victim the gift of flight. Samantha, a 5th grader from Greenburg, IN logged her first flight simulator hours on Monday November 16. Her mother, Kim, says that the family came across Flight1 while at an air show.
“We’ve always been an airshow family,” Sam’s mother says.
Given the excitement Sam showed while in the simulator, that much is obvious. She eagerly interacted with the instructor, jumped from the control booth when finished and then with bright eyes explored the other training devices.
She was presented with flight wings and after shaking her instructors hand was allowed to log her first hours in the flight book. Her next gift will come on December 5th when she will be whisked into the sky and allowed to take control of the plane. Stay connected as Flight1 fulfills a little girl’s dream of flying.