Donor Feels Personal Tie to Flight1’s Mission

By April 22, 2014Stories from the Blog

Flight1 would not exist without kind, generous people who donate money and time to our cause. We asked one of our most loyal donors, Kent, to share his reasons for becoming involved with Flight1.

“I started out just trying to be a good neighbor to someone who sets a fine example of a dad, husband, and community volunteer,” Kent says of Flight1 founder Marcus Strawhorn.  As Kent learned more about Flight1’s mission – building confidence in children ages 5 to 18 who face health challenges or have lost an immediately family member to illness – it resonated with him, in part because of an experience in his own childhood.

“As I reflected on the challenges of having a leg brace in grade school and a few other medical challenges,” Kent says, “I could relate to how building confidence can help one punch through the tough times and face them with determination.”

Kent volunteered at last year’s Community Day celebration and was impressed by the team’s enthusiasm and passion for helping children.  “As I found out more about the organization, I truly became touched by the potential for such positive life changing programs. What I see with Flight1 is total acceptance and love.  Those are two very important foundation blocks to build confidence –what you do ‘takes off’ from there. “

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We couldn’t agree more about the potential for self-confidence to be a lifelong game-changer, especially for children who have a more challenging road to travel than most. We are deeply grateful for all of our donors and volunteers because they’re the ones who enable us to use the joy and wonder of flight to create unique and powerful “I can!” moments for our Courageous Fliers.

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Would you like to help a child’s confidence soar? Donate and/or volunteer today and if you’d like, tell us why by emailing We’ll feature some of your responses in a future post!

We also invite one and all to join us for our second annual Community Day on Saturday, June 14th. See you there!

– Russell Goutierez

Photos: Steve Fleenor