Cupcake Campaign Aims to Bake a Difference

By March 31, 2014Stories from the Blog

Flight1’s volunteers help build confidence in children who face health challenges or have lost an immediate family member to illness. One of those volunteers also bakes a mean cupcake!

Kim Beaty-Nowacki’s talent for creating custom treats will come in handy during Flight1’s upcoming Cupcake Campaign. The April drive will help build or strengthen partnerships with about 20 other local nonprofits.

“There are many great organizations throughout the city with missions just as valuable as ours,” explains Flight1 founder Marcus Strawhorn. “If we have the opportunity to recognize and support one another, we should. A simple, fun way to help make that happen is to reach out to these organizations with cupcakes.”


Kim is the proprietor of Cupcakes and Cookies by Kim and is one of about 20 Flight1 volunteers. Marcus adds, “We’re lucky to have a lot of dedicated volunteers who give their time and skills to help the kids in our program build confidence.”