Bryan’s role and responsibilities: Bryan serves as a Director of Development & Construction for TM Crowley & Associates. He is responsible for real estate and construction development nation-wide, including overall portfolio strategies, formation of development strategies and opportunities, creation of financial and performance metrics to define the status of the organization’s portfolio and the merits of proposed property transactions. He is also responsible for real property transaction activities as well as supervision of transaction-related project development. Key point of contact for real estate customers, external consultants and other related stakeholders. Bryan also manages the planning, design, development and construction of projects throughout Indiana and the U.S. Bryan has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and Land Surveying and a master’s degree in Business Administration. He is a Licensed Land Surveyor and Civil Engineer. Bryan also serves as a Board Member for the Indianapolis Local Improvement Bond Bank along with being a Board Member with the non-for-profit group, Flight 1.