Brothers Show Determination and Daring as First-Time Fliers


Courageous Fliers Jackson and his younger brother Luke seemed slightly nervous as they headed to the flight simulators.

​As first-time fliers, they started on the Redbird Stationary Flight Simulator before moving to the Redbird Full-Motion Flight Simulator. Jackson, eager to fly, pulled rank on his younger brother and flew first. He had a very serious look on his face, as if he intended to meet the challenge of flight head-on, and conquer it. When he got to the full-motion simulator, he decided New York City would be a great place to fly. At the end of his session, the instructor showed him how you can stall a plane, and when his Mom asked if he crashed the plane he replied smartly: “No, but the plane broke.”

​The entire time Jackson was flying, Luke was bubbling with energy. He twirled his hat, walked around the room and looked at the stationary simulator while Jackson flew the full-motion simulator. While he was waiting for his turn to fly, Luke said “I want to do a bunch of crazy tricks!” His Mom confirmed that “Luke has always been a daredevil.” After a brief session with the stationary simulator, Luke eagerly got into the Redbird Full-Motion Flight Simulator, ready to show off and do some tricks.

​In a move that surprised everyone, even his mother, Luke chose Poland as his destination. After pulling off some funky flight moves with the help of the instructor, Luke landed his plane in a random field in Poland. His mom asked him why he didn’t land on a runway and he casually responded “Who needs runways?”

​When asked if it was hard to fly a plane, Luke said it was easier than he thought it would be. When asked if they would want to fly a real plane in the future, both Jackson and Luke were visibly excited by the possibility. After signing the Flight1 Logbook, the boys received their yellow, Year 1 Flight1 pins and left with smiles on their faces and the possibility of flying a real plane in their futures.

Luke Jackson Logbook