Birthday Flier

By December 8, 2012Stories from the Blog

According to his mom, Raistlin Hobbs, age 17, originally wanted to be a pilot. His career path has changed after spending time in and out of Riley Children’s Hospital. He now wants to be a doctor.

Still, there was no missing his passion for aviation when observing his flight simulation on November 16th at the Aviation Technology Center. His parents brought him as a birthday surprise and he stepped right up to the Redbird Cessna 172 Simulator and flew his way through Las Vegas. Raistlin had no problem landing, flying, and even barrel rolling the plane. (I would have been nauseated just sitting in the simulator.)

Later, his sisters Cianna, 14, and Haelie, 11, flew above Seattle and Indianapolis through rain, snow, and darkness – much like they’ve stuck with Raistlin through his challenges. Cianna was more than eager to donate bone marrow when Raistlin needed it – and wanted to donate a second time. Both girls certainly earned their Courageous Flier awards.

As the evening winded down, Raistlin had to be pried away from the simulator to receive his Courageous Flier certificate. After spending just a little while with the Hobbs’ family, I would be honored to have Raistlin as my pilot or doctor.


– Ellen Horn