Angi Aldrich, professional artist, art educator, graduate student. I have been an art instructor for 20+ years. College professor with Vincennes and Indiana Wesleyan University for 4 years. I hold an MFA in painting. I hold an Indiana Substitute Teacher License and find myself just subbing because I can. I am currently a Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor and a participant in the Scout Band. I was nominated teacher of the year for the city of Indianapolis, 2012. I am a full-time mom. I attend a local Church weekly and occasionally volunteer with childcare and VBS programming. I love completing community service hours with the Gleaners Food Bank, BSA, Krannert Park and cleaning up in local public spaces. I love Flight1 because of our experience. It gave my son his smile back. It gave him a sense of confidence and ability. Flight1 allowed him to be and to have something special.