Air Traffic Control Clears Flight1 for Special Recognition

By January 15, 2017Stories from the Blog

What do Courageous Fliers have in common with the President of the United States? A cool radio call sign!

The big jet below probably looks familiar and almost everyone knows what it’s called when the President is aboard – “Air Force One.” (Bonus fact: since his helicopter is flown by Marine Corps pilots, it’s called “Marine One.”)

Air Force One


Below, Courageous Flier Dacian is walking next to one of the Cessna Skyhawks Flight1 uses. Because the last three characters in its registration number are 7DS, Air Traffic Control would usually call it “Cessna Seven Delta Sierra.” But the Federal Aviation Administration has an approved call sign for Flight1, so air traffic controllers can use “Kids Flight One” for any plane carrying a Courageous Flier!



Now if we could just get that cool Presidential paint job…

– Russell Goutierez

Photos: (Air Force One); Steve Fleenor

(Original – Apr. 2014)