A Local AAAE Student Chapter – A Good Group.

Last Friday (April 2012) a couple of us went to visit the Vincennes-Purdue Aviation Technology Center (ATC) on site at the Indianapolis International Airport. We were invited by the local Association of American Aviation Executives (AAAE) student chapter.

The AAAE student chapter helps network and prepare its members (student) for their careers in aviation. In addition the AAAE chapter engages with community events and helps in anyway possilbe. When the executive members of AAAE learned of Flight1 and the possibility to give back to the community through aviation they were more than ecstatic to help out. Aviation is their passion.

To help build the program of Flight1, the AAAE chapter offered to coordinate tours of their facilities for the children in the Courageous Fliers program. The children on the tour would have full access to maintenance workshops, and many aircraft including a helicopter and a Boeing 737. In addition to the tour, The children would have access to one of the three flight simulators that they have on site, (Very cool!)

It was great meeting the men and women of AAAE.